Some Books and Publications that may be of interest
More books free or otherwise will be added as they become available

Delabole at Work and War by Geoff Provis The book describes the hardships and life that Delabolians endured in the past with over 200 historic photographs and illustrations. To be on sale in local outlets.
Geoff has also written written books about Port Isaac.

Delabole Coronation Souvenir program 1937
The Celebrations held in Delabole in 1937 on the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
it also contains a look at Delabole’s history.
You can read it here in Flipbook format with photographs thanks to Yumpu
Delabole in Days of Yore by Cyril Hicks For information Cyril was a long tome Parish Clerk for us and a mine of information
You can read the booklet here in Flipbook format with photographs thanks to Yumpu
This free booklet can be read here in .pdf format

A Familiar Description of the
Old Delabole Slate Quarries
by John F Turner

This Booklet was, published by John Lewis, 85 Union Street, Stonehouse, 1865. Printed by W. Brendon, Plymouth.
It can be Read here as a .pdf file
Aspects of the History of North Cornwall
by Catherine Lorigan
This book examines a number of aspects of the history of North Cornwall. These include the probate records of St Teath parish, music and musicians, buildings, emigration and potters and pottery. Not least, it explores the lives of men and women who dwelt and worked in North Cornwall and the histories of some who, born there, later moved away to London, Oxford and as far afield as Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America to seek their fortunes. These themes in­ter link and provide the raison d’etre for the title of the book.
350 pp, 100 black and white and 25 colour illustrations                ISBN-978-0-9554792-1-2
A book about Delabole by Catherine Lorigan PhD.
Described as “The History of the Slate Quarry and the Making of its Village Community”
Priced at £14.99 plus £3 postage and packing is available by mail order from
Pengelly Press, 2 St Davids Close
Caversham, Reading, Berks. RG4 7PX
The book is also available from all good bookshops 
Nothing Broken

Recent Poems in Cornish Edited by Tim Saunders
Book of Cornish Poems 
about Delabole and North Cornwall 
by Cornish Bard Tim Saunders

A long‑awaited collection of poetry written in Cornish in the last twenty years. 
A coming of age for the Cornish language and its literature. 
Eighty poems by twenty‑eight authors, 
brought together by the celebrated Cornish poet Tim Saunders. 
The poems are accompanied by parallel translations into English.

Nothing Broken is available used here

Webbys note: Tim is a former Delabole boy who now lives in Wales.
He is one of the leading poets writing in the Cornish language today.
and has also produced poetry and other work in Welsh, Irish and Breton as well as in Cornish. 

The Slaters
by Lee Hore, Ray Worden, and Tim Saunders
A Booklet in Cornish with English translation about The Slaters Delabole United Football Club available
You can read the booklet here in Flipbook format with photographs thanks to Yumpu
Also as a .pdf file Here

Old Delabole
by Eden Phillpotts

This a tale of folk and their life and times in old Delabole
Published by Macmillan in 1915 this book is now out of print but you may find a copy original hardback or copy by an internet search.
Old Delabole Slate Quarries An advertising booklet produced in the early 1900’s for Delabole Slate
You can read the booklet here in Flipbook format with photographs thanks to Yumpu