Lest We Forget

War recruiting outside the then Co-Op building top of Pengelly
Returning Servicemen march to new War Memorial

In the years between 1914 and 1918 three hundred and nine men from Delabole left their homes, their families and their jobs and went off to serve King and Country in what became known as 
The Great War.


Over thirty of them never came back, having died or been killed on active service.
After the War ended money was raised by the community for the purpose of establishing a memorial garden in the village to honour and perpetuate the memory of those that had fallen. 
The garden was completed at a cost of between £240 and £250 and it was officially opened on 11th February 1922 by Sir George Croydon Marks M.P.
There is no one left now who knew any of these brave souls, though many of their names are familiar in Delabole to this day and for sure, they will have relatives still living in the village.
Thanks to Ray and Brenda  for the research

A You Tube Video by Ray Worden

Delabole’s Fallen 1914 -1918

SAMUEL GORDON AMY died 15 September 1918, aged 18
STANLEY GEORGE J BOWDEN died 22 August 1918, aged 19
ELLIS BUNT died 3 October 1917, aged 20
CHARLES BURNARD died 9 August 1916, aged 18
ALBERT COLLINS * died 13 May 1916, aged 36
JOSEPH TRAYES COLLINS * died 18 October 1918, aged 29
HORACE JOHN COMMINS died 9 October 1917, aged 21
SAMUEL CORY died 11 August 1917, aged 27
ALBERT WILLIAM COSE died 16 August 1917, aged 38
GEORGE HENRY ELEY died 25 April 1917, aged 37
WILFRID LAWSON GOODMAN died 13 December 1915, aged 23
FREDERICK HATCHER died 4 October 1917, aged 19
ROBERT CHARLES HAYNE died 14 April 1918, aged 23
CLIFFORD JOHN HEARD died 21 March 1918, aged 21
JOHN HOOPER HEARD died 9 August 1918, aged 19
EDWIN THOMAS HEWETT died 2 September 1918, aged 25
RICHARD HILL died 7 June 1917, aged 19
FREDERICK J LANGDON M.M. died 11 September 1918, aged 22
SAMUEL ROBERT LEWIS died 26 April 1917, aged 19
JOHN HOWARD LEY * died 9 September 1916, aged 20
WILLIAM AUSTIN LEY * died 8 December 1915, aged 18
WILFRED JOHN MACKIE died 29 October 1917, aged 26 
EDGAR MITCHELL died 27 September 1918, aged 29
DAVID O’ BRIEN ** died 30 November 1916, aged 57
MICHAEL JOHN O’ BRIEN ** died 17 April 1915, aged 15
WILLIAM JOHN PROUT died 17 August 1917, aged 30
JOSHUA JOHN RUNNALLS died abt. June 1917, aged 44
JAMES ARCHIBALD STANDLICK died 30 November 1917, aged 23
THOMAS LEONARD TONKIN died 28 December 1915, aged 24
WILLIAM TUCKER died 12 May 1918, aged 19
FREDERICK ARTHUR WILLIAMS died 19July 1916, aged 22

* Brothers
** Father and Son



Cornwall’s Regimental Museum has released new pictures of soldiers from the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry (DCLI) during the First World War (From the News Gallery at CornwallLive)

Friday 9th November
11.00am at The War Memorial

Saturday 10th November
9.30 – 4pm Exhibition
10am – 12noon COFFEE MORNING
At Delabole Methodist Church

Sunday 11th November
9.30 – 4pm EXHIBITION
At Delabole methodist Church
(excluding Service time 11-12noon)
At The War Memorial 2.30pm
With the Unveiling of Plaque
Parade to the Methodist Church for
Service at 3pm.