St John’s Church



Church of St John the Evangelist, High Street, Delabole PL33 9AQ

2017 Annual Report

DCC Members:       Mrs Tricia Hicks–Churchwarden & Health & Safety, Mr Nigel Hicks– Treasurer & Lay Chair, Mrs Hazel Cornish, Mr Chris Shee, Mrs Sue Wilcox–Reader, Ms Claire Salzmann–Reader, Mrs Peggy Sandell, Mrs Lesley George–Secretary 
Deanery Synod rep—Ms Claire Salzmann 
Electoral Roll Officer—Mrs Lesley George
Safeguarding Officer–Mrs Sue Wilcox
The church banks with Barclays
Priest in Charge–Rev Angela Cooper 
The District Church Council is a corporate body established by the Church of England.  The DCC operates under The Parochial Church Powers Measure.  The DCC is excepted by order from registering with the Charity Commission.  The DCC has no related trusts or charities.  
As this is a small DCC, it functions as a single committee, meeting approximately four times a year.  The incumbent usually attends the DCC meetings and decisions are taken by the full DCC.  
The major risks to which the DCC are exposed have been identified by members, and following review, systems or procedures have been established to manage these risks.  Liability insurance is in place.


Objectives & Activities

We cooperate with the minister in promoting in the parish the whole mission of the church—pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical.  During the transition the Church Warden, Readers and Council members took on these responsibilities.  We are committed to a servant relationship in and with the local community.  
The main objectives of the DCC have been:

  •  to seek opportunities to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, using words if we have to
  • to maintain the fabric and upkeep of the church building in the light of reduced finances over the past year
  • to grow the Church 

The range of services includes several ecumenical village services a year and a Carnival Service.  A non-Eucharistic service is held on the first and third Sundays of the month with Holy Communion being celebrated on other Sundays.
Together, a weekly prayer and study group, meets in Delabole or St Teath.
Service pattern at St John’s Church:
Ist Sunday    Morning Prayer
2nd Sunday   Holy Communion
3rd Sunday    Morning Prayer
4th Sunday    Holy Communion
5th Sunday    Cluster Communion (held in one of the Cluster churches) or     Festival dates
Weekday Morning Prayer                       9am Tuesday mornings

Holy Communion/Morning Prayer 
Hymns chosen by congregation member, music by ipod, refreshments served.  
All services follow the related lectionary.  Those wishing to receive Holy Communion every week may go to St Teath (1st & 3rd Sundays).
With an average congregation of 10 adults, most members automatically volunteer to undertake the various aspects of ministry.  
Financial constraints do not enable the DCC to administer grants.   

Achievements and performance


  • Baptism
  • Thanksgiving for the birth of a child
  • three funeral services taken by Ministry Team at the Crematorium  
  • two graveside funerals in Delabole Cemetery
  • types of service include Eucharistic & non-Eucharistic
  • Holy Week (Monday) Taize   
  • Dawn Service—Easter Day followed by breakfast
  • Christmas Midnight Service
  • Charitable donations–St Petroc’s Society, Food Bank & Children’s Hospice South West
  • MMF 100% paid
  • Church open daily during British Summertime
  • The church is made available for community use (e.g. family parties, fundraising, concerts, clubs) as part of our outreach


Cluster Events:


  • we come together for worship with the other churches in the Cluster usually either on a fifth Sunday or to celebrate a feast day

Ecumenical events included:


  • Open the Book–presented weekly at Delabole Primary School
  • Mothering Sunday
  • Delabole Carnival Service in the marquee on the Playing Field
  • Village Carol service
  • Monthly visits to Mini Minors and St Piran’s Playgroups telling a Bible story and singing a song with Annie and Spike (puppets

Children’s Work:


  • Second Saturday—SSS—a monthly morning of activities (crafts, stories, games) enjoyed by all (children and family adults) with refreshments, at St John’s
  • Open the Book—two members of St John’s are part of the ecumenical team who weekly present ‘The Bible’ to all pupils at Delabole Primary School   
  • Christmas–Crib Service, Village Carol Service
  • Pupils from Delabole School visited St John’s for the school’s Harvest  Celebration
  • a time of remembrance at the War Memorial on 11th November was shared with pupils from Delabole Primary School 
  • Christmas Crib service with quiet, peaceful focus on the Nativity followed by tea.  Children participate with adult support

Clubs/Events held in Church or community:


  • Martial Arts, Macmillan Big Coffee Morning and various charity fund raising event
  • Venue for Polling Station— General & Local Elections
  • The DCC has organised fundraising events throughout the year which included a Christmas Bazaar and a Christmas Concert with members of Launceston Town Band
  • Coffee Stop – weekly, non-fund-raising time when church open for coffee and chat



  • We strive to keep the noticeboards (gate and porch) up to date with information regarding church services and activities within the village and Cluster
  • Information regarding church events is submitted monthly to Pew News and the Delabole Slate


A look to the future

The Church still aims to grow both numerically and spiritually and to continue developing shared village events and our ecumenical relationships with the wider Christian village family.  Working with the young of the village continues to be a focus. 


Secretary–Mrs L E P George, Poldhu, Trebarwith Village, Delabole PL33 9DF